Squads at Endeavour Tennis



This squad focuses on advanced stroke production, particularly with emphasis on the serve. It is designed to assist players in their weekend team competitions as it helps them develop them in all areas of technical, tactical, mental and physical components.

A considerable amount of time is focused on starting and building points i.e consistency and some variety with the serve, consistency with return of serve and building a reliable pattern.

Players also learn how to change direction of the ball and challenge the opponent’s movement and strike zone, while adjusting the height and depth of their shots. This leads into developing defensive, offensive, and neutralizing skills.

Players will also learn how to deal with a variety of opponents. Most importantly how to deal with the junk shots!

An appreciation of different scoring situations and scenarios are taught so that players know what the crucial points are and how to apply scoreboard pressure to their opponents. This in return helps reduce the amount of pressure applied to our players as they can stop a string of unforced errors occurring at the wrong time and also from capitalizing on the hidden big points.

Physical conditioning is also implemented at this stage for enhanced speed, balance and power production


This squad is for players striving to establish their national rankings or to reach their highest junior competition grade possible.

The need to develop technical, physical and psychological skills for tournaments and competitions at a higher level is essential. Players also learn to work a lot more on tactics and combinations that are needed for all court play.

Players are exposed to a variety of different game styles where they are guided all the way on how to adapt and deal with this variety of opponents. Eventually players are put in an environment where they have to problem solve themselves using the tools they have been given.

Players learn the differences about playing when ‘up, even or down’ in the score, as well as mastering the ‘how, when and why’of changing the direction of the ball. This gives them a solid foundation and strengthens their resilience in adversity. A variety of serves to assist serve and first shot combos, teaching the player how to control the point from here and then following up with finishing combinations.

The physical conditioning is increased to enhance speed and recovery. This also incorporates dynamic balance, power and agility and shapes their understanding of specific movement patterns for all the different areas of the court.

Players receive match play support and analysis at Melbourne based tournaments and local completion when coaches are available.


This squad develops players to master the skills of dealing with the opposing four game styles that they may be faced with at tournaments.

A huge emphasis is on ‘playing to score’. This teaches players the importance of the first point and getting to 30 first. Like the pros do, we then assign their best serve/return combinations, add in the three building/target locations and when to hit to which one, and finally add their best finishing combination at these specific point situations. This provides clarity on what their intention is and encompasses tactics that help get the ball onto their strengths and off the weaker side, whilst ensuring reduction of the opponents reaction time.

In between point routines are coached for managing arousal level, decision making, and self control.

Players will learn to manage the winner-to-error ratio. High emphasis on respect of the forced error, which is the dominant (but somewhat hidden) point outcome of the tour.

Players receive match play support and analysis at Melbourne based tournaments when coaches are available.

Periodisation, peaking for main tournaments and planning are also covered. Players learn to maximize their physical preparation, cool down and rehabilitation so that they can train and perform at peak performance more regularly.

Periodised physical conditioning for explosiveness and acceleration, changing direction when unsure of the next target, dynamic balance and reproducing short fast spurts are all trained in a structured format.