team endeavour tennis
From left Brad McMillan Head Coach with Assistant Coaches
Leroy Sevillano and Priscilla Dawson 

Our program has a very clear pathway, holistically transitioning players from the raw beginner level to the highest junior competition grade and onto have national and international rankings at junior and then senior level. Our philosophy is to create and ensure a positive and challenging environment to set up any aspiring tennis player for success. Our coaching team are constantly updating skills, researching the game, and keeping our knowledge up to date to ensure integrity in the delivery of our programs.

The Endeavour Team

Brad’s expertise with player development is extensive, having been Head coordinator of the #1 Hot Shots Coaching Program in Australia (Newcombe Award), as well as Hotshots coordinator at Tennis World Melbourne Park, Mini Tennis World, and Head Coach at a variety of Melbourne clubs. Brad has coached all levels including High Performance with players such as Patrick Fitzgerald (son of John "Fitzy" Fitzgerald), Genevieve Lorbergs (Top 20 Australian rankings) and Priscilla Dawson (see Bio below) 
Brad has enjoyed a playing career at National tournament level, winner of Grade 1 Pennant and of recent years, a top 100 world ranking, Seniors ITF Tour. 

Priscilla is also Head Coach at Mini Tennis World, Caulfield Grammar (Year 7 Boys) and Assistant Coach at Box Hill Tennis School. 
Priscilla has played representative tennis, Asia Pacific League, National Championships and International Tournaments. Priscilla currently plays Grade 1 Pennant

Leroy is also Personal Trainer as owner of LA Fitness as well as an elite Cheer Leader. Leroy trained as an elite tennis player and currently plays in top grade local competition

Endeavour Tennis prides itself for its high quality coaching services. Coaching providers at 2 venues South East of Melbourne.