Play Hot Shots tennis at Endeavour Hills or Rowville Tennis Clubs


We offer a free racquet for first time enrolments at Blue/Red and Orange levels. We also offer a free trial for those not sure about committing to a full term enrolment. To be clear, the ‘free’ trial is a courtesy ONLY to those whom decide to not continue after that first lesson

What is Tennis Australia Hot Shots?

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is tennis for kids! It’s a program designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, jump in and start playing tennis. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high. With four fun stages (Blue, Red, Orange and Green), your qualified Tennis Australia coaches at Endeavour Tennis will help guide your kids every step of the way.

The Blue Stage introduces children to tennis through games and fun activities. Children learn the basics of tennis including how to rally using lots of adapted equipment such as balloons, big balls and beanbags.

PRICE: 30min $14 per lesson

The red ball is larger than a yellow ball and doesn’t bounce as high (just 25% compression), making it a breeze for even the youngest players to hit comfortably. The courts and nets used in the Red stage are much smaller making it easier for kids to move around and enjoy success.

PRICE: 45min $17 per lesson

After mastering the Red stage, children move on to the Orange stage where the ball bounces a little higher (50% compression) and the court is a bit bigger. Orange players play over the regular net on a three quarter length court.

PRICE: 45min $17 per lesson

The ball used in the Green stage has a higher compression than the Red and Orange stages (75% of a yellow tennis ball) and children play on a full-size court. Green players may be older children who are new to tennis or players of a good standard who have progressed through the Blue, Red and Orange stages.

PRICE: 45min $17 per lesson

PRICE: 60min $20 per lesson

ANZ Tennis Australia Hot Shots Match Play

Endeavour Tennis Hot Shot players participate in this beginner competition that encourages participation and learning all aspects of the game. Players from Orange Ball and Green Ball level play a shortened match format for 1 hour versus players of a similar standard from local tennis clubs within the Waverley Tennis Association. Competition runs for 6 weeks each school term on Sunday mornings. You do not have to get coached at Endeavour Tennis to participate

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